Modular Kit Homes

Minimal, Cost Effective, Customisable and Easy to Assemble

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OIf you're looking for a little something, possibly as a first home buyer on a budget or in want of a lovely little weekend shack tucked away for your hinterland or beach side sanctuary. A Modular Kit Home can make this dream a reality!

Need a Home that suits your lifestyle?

Wondering if a Modular Kit Home could be the Solution?

You've come to the right place!

Do you want to acquire a modular home located nearby your city or in the country? Austranquility Homes work closely with you design and build a customisable residence to best suit the conditions of your land. In fact, we provide simple Modular Kit Home construction solutions based on your individual circumstance with care and ease to help you manifest the home of your dreams.

Accessibility and Location

Accessibility of the kit homes’ location and utilities are the first and foremost consideration of our professionals. Through careful planning we locate the best possible situation for your modular kit to be installed based on the contours, type of soil, and location of services to reduce connection costs and improve the equity of your investment.

Our team of professionals provide our customers with advice and informationfocused on utilising key elements such as the elevation at the time of preparing and choosing a suitable foundation within the property. We always prefer and recommend elevated positions, as this helps in achieving the right type of drainage system for your properties location, especially in flood prone areas.

In addition, we check the actual type of soil present in your location in a thorough manner. Bad soils, like clay soils or sandy soils would lead to very high cost in the footings or construction process for any solid foundation. Hence, in order to provide clients with minimum additional costs, we try and avoid such locations if possible, but, where clay or sandy type of soil remains building the granny flat on steel stumps these costs are minimized

Sewer System

Our company considers the sewer system as prime factor while designing layouts of any modern home. For this, we perform suitable perk test for installation of sewer systems connections in your property in hassle-free manner.

Regardless of the condition of the property and terrain we will have an option to suit your needs and requirements. Pick from our many optional extras such as various tap fittings, vanities, bench tops, kitchen fittings, flooring, gas appliances and solar energy alternatives.

In conclusion, by these considerations we will do our best to help you select and acquire the perfect modular home to relax and enjoy the tranquil setting of your property with the ones you love.

Floor plans