What We’re All About

Here at Austranquility Homes, we offer styles and designs to perfectly fit your individual taste, budget and requirements. So if you’re looking for a home that’s built from individually designed plans, we can provide you with individually designed houses and granny flats to suit your needs.

We deliver on unique, cost-effective construction and environmentally friendly designs incorporating alternative, more efficient and cleaner energy living solutions. By assessing your individual needs we’re able to tailor the design of your new house or secondary dwelling to perfectly suit the land you’re building on, and your desires- all within budget.

Testimonial 1

“I feel that any task that Gordon undertakes, he would succeed because of his diligent and professional approach to his work to achieve a successful outcome”
Erik Andriansyah, Senior Civil Engineer

Testimonial 3

“I have always found Gordon to be very professional in his approach and manner in dealing with us and his clients and it is always a pleasure doing business with him.”
Paul Wilson, Design Draftsman Manager

Testimonial 4

“When a problem arose, Gordon was able to assist us in requesting a redesign that suited us, the council and his clients both from an aesthetic and financial point of view”
Deb Banda, B.Sc Eng(Civil), M.Sc Eng (Soils & Foundations)

Testimonial 5

“Preliminary investigation work eliminates any future risks to the project if it goes ahead, and assists Gordon in his due diligence process “
Ben Lewis, Senior Town Planner

Testimonial 6

“Gordon has always provided us with all relevant documentation and client wish lists to enable us to provide the best design to suit the clients’ needs and budgets within the constraints of the property “
Labib Abraham, Director of Survtech Pty Ltd

Testimonial 7

“When and if we get a problem, Gordon was able to come to an agreement with the Council Town Planner that minor changes were made in order to minimise changes to the aesthetic appeal and also minimise the impact of changes to the project costs – both from a design and construction point of view “
William H. WIlson & Associates

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