Thinking about a Granny Flat?


When considering the addition of a granny flat its best to identify what its purpose might be.
 extra space?
home extension?
designated dwelling for family, guests, children, care takers or recreational endeavors

A granny flat could be a great source of extra income, or it could facilitate a relative with an independent living environment on your property. There are many strict standards in place to be sure that your granny flat meets a certain standard of building structure.

Gaining council approval for your granny flat requires a few things… in most cases they will need;
Survey Plan
Architectural Drawings
Structural Engineer’s Drawings
Private Certification

By contracting a granny flat builder like Austranquility Homes you can feel assured that council approval and a well built granny flat lays firmly in your future.
Austranquility Homes are well practiced in walking the necessary steps to help you through the approval process with clarity and ease, resulting in comfortable and well built granny flats built to suit your needs and budget whilst adhering to all council expectations and regulations.