Modular Home Builders at Austranquility Homes

At Austranquility Homes, we are professional modular home builders that will help you explore out infinite possibilities for your Modular Granny Flat Queensland requirements. We master the art of custom building homes and with the ability that our engineers have, you can trust us achieving a quality creation.

We offer you multiple options to choose from and if you still feel that we are not near to your dreams, you are more than welcome to guide us through. We have been building Modular Homes Queensland that match client’s needs and Budgets, whilst ensuring that the client’s needs are met to the fullest.

We are the best Modular Granny Flat Queensland builders; we build you a housing option that will be safe and comfortable for parents, grand parents, in-laws and even guests making them comfortable and independent.Looking at the size restrictions, our team at Austranquility Homes would prepare the initial design options and once we get your approval we achieve a fixed price contract price to proceed to contract signing. All our designs are fully customized to help you get that perfect granny flat and we give you complete input with suggestions as far as the paint colors, façade choices and exterior and interior finishes are concerned.

With Austranquility Homes, granny flats are no longer boring, we will offer you a structure that is interesting, durable and has an amazing exterior appearance. Our services stand on three important pillars, style, design and quality. You can rest assured, we won’t compromise on any of these criteria while working on your assignment, no matter the size of Our Modular Granny Flat Queensland, if you are looking for an affordable add-on housing option this is the one to consider.

We will help you with everything, design, style and construction to help you realize that dream of possessing one of the best Modular Homes in Queensland!