The suburb Logan is a great for investing

I think Logan is a great place to invest and to add value to your existing property with a modular granny flat. It is a fast growing city and quite flexible in town planning. It has great access to Brisbane CBD, Garden City, Sunshine Coast, the airport and of course the gold coast.


The Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac are still reducing their longer-term ­interest rates. Home loan customers should take advantage of low fixed interest rates.


“Our monthly Reserve Bank surveys say the interest rate is due to rise in the next year. It is likely that the interest rate will drop before rising again to normal levels, but at the moment this is a good rate,” spokeswoman Michelle Hutchison notes.


I think this a ideal time to invest into a modular granny flat that will bring additional equity value to your property, higher rental returns and/or additional living spaces.


We also advise on various feasibility factors, working with difficult blocks, council regulations and finding good financial service providers.


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