Helensvale Granny Flat Complete

[ Topped with a Bow ]:[ our wonderful clients were thrilled to move into their brand new Modular Granny Flat.
This backyard dwelling has been designed thoughtfully in order to provide comfort space and warmth for many years to come.
Austranquility Homes wishes Colline, Carolyn and their beautiful family all the best in this next chapter.
Take care and thank you for choosing us for your residential extension.

Helensvale Progress Report III

We are only a few weeks away from completion of the Helensvale modular granny flat! The roof is on and so its over to the interior fit out crew to fit out and dress up this frame work. Exciting Times…



Redbank Plains

As Helensvale is creeping closer to completion on the other side of town we have our frame up at Redbank Plains, QLD.

Tiny Houses Broadening Horisons.

The wave of modular style living is taking on many forms as ingenuity and craftsmanship is meshing to create unique and freer lifestyles for those more idealistic minds among us.

This movement also incorporates many of the standards and inspirational aspects of the sustainability movement by encouraging the incorporation of recycled and discarded materials, while also minimising the waste of energy through integrated smart systems such as composting toilets, solar systems and reduced ground impact. The above video highlighted a wonderful story about a boat builder/carpenter who tasked himself with the challenge of creating his very first commissioned Tiny House project.

Please view to discover the many amazing insights this revolutionary new take on the traditional style of living may hold for you.


“The small house movement is a return to houses of less than 1,000 square feet (93 m2). Frequently the distinction is made between small (between 400 square feet (37 m2) and 1,000 square feet (93 m2)), and tiny houses (less than 400 square feet (37 m2)), with some as small as 80 square feet (7.4 m2).[5] Sarah Susanka has been credited with starting the recent countermovement toward smaller houses when she published The Not So Big House (1997).[3] Earlier pioneers include Lloyd Kahn, author of Shelter (1973) and Lester Walker, author of ″Tiny Houses″ (1987). Henry David Thoreau, and the publication of his book “Walden” is also quoted as early inspiration” – (wiki/Tiny_house_movement)


Granny Flat Helensvale

It was all happening down at the River Tree Granny Flat site in Helensvale. The previous granny flat pictured below was in need of a slight expansion so the Team Austranquility were called in to make some much needed adjustments.
On Tuesdays the footings and facility escavations were dug and subsequently filled with cement, primed and ready to receive our materials and construct this momentous flat of the granny persuasion.

Even the bee man was busy today tending to the site, which the owners have quite elegantly maintained over the years.


Boronia: Soaring to New Heights

Austranq logo scale4HIAThe Austranquility team have been busy with many projects, currently we are working with a number of families to personalise their modular granny flat constructions, our projects are located in many regions of South East Queensland. Looking to the future, behind the scenes of Austranquility we’ve been sowing the systematic and technological seeds for advancement and prosperous growth as we gear up for the expansion, diversification and improvement of the Austranquility experience for everyone involved.

In other news the on going project at Boronia Heights is receiving its final touches. Throwing back to September we saw the slab being cleared ready for construction.

By the beginning of February the frame work had been established.

internal 2NE Elevation 2SE Elevation _MG_9965 Roof FrameTrus Southern ElevationInternal 1 SW Elevation 2

As February drew to a close the Roof of this construction had been topped off.

In Garage South_MG_0350 _MG_0381_MG_0353Garage Roof  _MG_0366 _MG_0364 _MG_0354NW 1

Photo Credit Thanks to our trusty photographer: Chris Stevens #MajesticPhotographics

Latest Developments

Austranquility Homes would like to invite you along with us on our journey of discovery, understanding and growth by sharing with you our plans for the future and past and present.

Currently with many projects underway from initial contact to planning to finance and ultimately construction.

Boronia Heights > is a rebirth of a house as its former self no long stands due to an unfortunate home fire, thankfully the old occupant escaped with only minor smoke inhalation.

The slab and piping below still remains unaffected, as discovered after the bones of this house were laid to rest.

Below are some photos our outstanding media team have captured for our records and your interests.



Stay tuned for more updates via Austranquilityhomes.com.au/blog

Granny Flat > The Ecological Endeavour

As Austranqulity begins to establishes itself in the greater Brisbane community our focus moves towards a bright future of ingenuitive cleaner greener constructions. Granny flats or Modular domiciles offer the perfect grounds for venturing into the world of ecologically friendly building alternatives. Our research begins at ground level yielding technologies such as Hempcrete and mushroom …